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The Schloss Elmau Experience Since more than 100 years concerts & talks with great artists & authors on the pulse of time. Tickets for hotel guests are included in the room rate.

  • Piano Summit

    Piano Summit

    Experience outstanding pianists spanning several generations on this long weekend: Martha Argerich was once a mentor to the young pianist Sophie Pacini, with whom she will perform in duo for the first time on the concert stage. The second concert is with the young Israeli pianist Yoav Levanon, who is poised at the beginning of a world-class career, and lastly the young Canadian pianist Jan Lisiecki, who is already a fixture on the international concert stages.

  • Photo: Marco Borggreve_DG, Susanne Krauss
    Piano Summit

    Martha Argerich piano
    Sophie Pacini piano

    Mozart: Sonata D major for two pianos KV 448 & Liszt

    Snapshot: Sophie Pacini and Martha Argerich meet at two points in their artistic work on the international pianist stage in a piano evening of a special kind, which allows an insight into the different interpretations of their pianistic temperaments. A programme selection of a special kind, in which Franz Liszt pulls the strings.
  • Photo: PR
    Piano Summit

    Yoav Levanon piano

    Rachmaninow: Piano Sonata No 2 B flat minor Op 36

    "Yoav Levanon is no child prodigy. He is an 8-year-old artist of the highest rank," judged one critic. In fact, the now 15-year-old pianist can already look back on an impressive career: at the age of 5 he stood on a main stage for the first time, with 7 debuts as orchestra soloist, since then countless prizes, awards and brilliant reviews. On the second day of the piano summit in Schoss Elmau, he now represents the young generation of outstanding pianists.
  • Photo: Stephan Rumpf, Piper Verlag, privat

    Rachel Salamander
    Marie Luise Knott

    Hannah Arendt
    “Wir Juden –
    Schriften 1932 bis 1966”

    „Wir Juden – | Schriften 1932 bis 1966“
    Moderation: Marie Luise Knott (Herausgeberin)

    Collection of essays by Hannah Arendt on the political significance of Jewish identity and her essays on the development of Zionism, Palestine and Israel.
  • Photo: Christoph Koestlin
    Piano Summit

    Jan Lisiecki piano

    Mendelssohn: Songs without Words, Bach & Chopin

    The young exceptional Canadian pianist has been an integral part of the major international concert stages for years. Now the ECHO Classic Prize winner and exclusive artist of Deutsche Grammophon can be heard in Schloss Elmau with Mendelssohn, Bach and Chopin.
  • Photo: Sophie Wanninger

    Hannah Weiss Group

    “BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award 2019”

    Hannah Weiss, vocals
    Moritz Stahl, sax
    Philipp Schiepek, guitar
    Sam Hylton, piano
    Robin Jermer, bass
    Flurin Mück, drums

    The Swiss singer Hannah Weiss, who lives in Munich, won the "BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award" in 2019 with her band who all come from the creative Munich jazz scene. The jury of the BMW Award declared: "Hannah Weiss always shines with impeccable vocal technique, the feeling for the respective song and an impressive naturalness and charisma".
  • Photo: Simon Pauly
    Modern Classical

    Martin Grubinger Percussion
    & Friends

    works for percuassion-ensemble by Maki Ishii, Martin Grubinger sen. et al.
    concert with interval, start: 20.00

    The internationally acclaimed multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger inspires worldwide with his boundless virtuosity and his breathtaking shows. The Austrian has rendered outstanding services to the establishment of percussion as a solo instrument in concert.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau
    Kultur & Genuss

    Dinner & Concert

    3 course menu in the retreat followed by concert in the Concert Hall

  • Photo: Uwe Ahrens neu

    Les Vents Français
    François Leleux oboe
    Paul Meyer clarinet
    Radovan Vlatkovic horn
    Gilbert Audin bassoon
    Éric Le Sage piano

    Mozart & Beethoven: Quintets for piano and winds

    The members of this quintet feature prominently among the elite of the international wind scene, and are also united in the ensemble "Les Vents Français", with pianist Éric Le Sage, sought-after chamber musician and regular piano partner of Leleux and Meyer. The programme includes Mozart's piano quintet, about which the composer himself considered "the best thing I have written in my life".
  • Photo: Peter-Andreas Hassiepen, Hanser Literaturverlage
    Author's reading

    Raoul Schrott
    “Eine Geschichte des Windes oder von dem deutschen Kanonier der erstmals die Welt umrundete und dann ein zweites und ein drittes Mal”

    Storms, shipwrecks, cannibals: the adventurous story of a circumnavigator that no one can tell like Raoul Schrott.

    What an adventure! Hannes from Aachen was the first to travel all around the world. 500 years ago he set off for the Spice Islands with Magellan's fleet. And thus into the completely unknown. Mutinies. Shipwrecks. Fights, cannibalism. In the end only one ship returned. Only 18 sailors survived, among them "Juan Aleman". That he set off for a second and even a third circumnavigation of the world is all we know of him. Raoul Schrott has travelled after this minor character of world history: He gives him a whole life full of voluptuous and almost tangible details.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau

    Dinner & Concert

    3 course menu in the retreat followed by concert in the Concert Hall
    Dinner and Concert

  • Photo: Julia Wesely
    Classical/modern classical

    Janoska Ensemble

    Ondrej Janoska & Roman Janoska, violin
    František Janoska, piano
    Julius Darvas, bass
    works from Bach to the Beatles

    Genuine art always transcends boundaries, as these native Bratislava artists prove. Three brothers Ondrej, František and Roman Janoska together with their Konstanz-born brother-in-law Julius Darvas: their musical creations combine their original classical subject in harmonic accord or colourful contrast with other genres - from jazz and Latin to pop music. But the result is not a mix of styles, but a creative synthesis: the "Janoska Style".
  • Mozart Momentum 1785/1786

    “Mozart Momentum 1785/1786”
    A weekend with Leif Ove Andsnes & members of the
    Mahler Chamber Orchestra

    In their new project “Mozart Momentum 1785/1786,” pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra explore two particularly remarkable years in Mozart's life and work.

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg
    Mozart Momentum 1785/1786

    Mozart Momentum @ Schloss Elmau

    Leif Ove Andsnes piano
    Matthew Truscott violin
    Joel Hunter viola
    Frank-Michael Guthmann cello

    Mozart: Piano Quartet E flat major KV 493 et al.

    Den Pianisten Leif Ove Andsnes und das Mahler Chamber Orchestra verbindet eine tiefe künstlerische Freundschaft und die Arbeit an konzeptionellen Großprojekten. Mit ihrem neuen Projekt „Mozart Momentum 1785/86“ erkunden das Orchester und der Pianist, dem die New York Times „meisterhafte Eleganz, Kraft und Einsicht“ attestierte, zwei besonders bemerkenswerte Jahre im Leben und Schaffen Mozarts.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau
    Kultur & Genuss

    Dinner & Concert

    3 course menu in the retreat followed by concert in the Concert Hall

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg
    Mozart Momentum 1785/1786

    Mozart Momentum @ Schloss Elmau

    Leif Ove Andsnes piano
    Matthew Truscott violin
    Joel Hunter viola
    Frank-Michael Guthmann cello

    Mozart: Fantasia C minor KV 475 & Piano Quartet G minor KV 478

    Den Pianisten Leif Ove Andsnes und das Mahler Chamber Orchestra verbindet eine tiefe künstlerische Freundschaft und die Arbeit an konzeptionellen Großprojekten. Mit ihrem neuen Projekt „Mozart Momentum 1785/86“ erkunden das Orchester und der Pianist, dem die New York Times "meisterhafte Eleganz, Kraft und Einsicht" attestierte, zwei besonders bemerkenswerte Jahre im Leben und Schaffen Mozarts.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau
    Kultur & Genuss

    Dinner & Concert

    3 course menu in the retreat followed by concert in the Concert Hall

  • Photo: Gediminas Zilinskas

    Martynas Levickis accordion
    & Mikroorkéstra chamber orchestra

    Vivaldi: The Four Seasons & Piazzolla

    The Latvian accordionist Martynas Levickis captivates both listeners and critics with his musicality, charisma and dynamic performances. Founded in 2015, the Mikroorekéstra consists of promising Latvian musicians. Levickis directs it in various projects, either from the accordion or conducting, including his own lively arrangement of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" - here for accordion and chamber orchestra.
  • Photo: Aiga Ozolina

    Martynas Levickis accordion

    Bach, Chopin & other works for accordion solo

    Levickis' virtuosity and versatility in classical and contemporary repertoire changes the way we perceive the instrument. He was the first accordionist to be signed to Universal Music Decca Classic, and his debut album climbed straight to the top of the official classic album charts in the UK. Now it's well on the way to winning over audiences in Germany as well.
  • Photo: 2302_Albrecht Fuchs, rbb, C.Kampf
    Author's reading & discussion

    Denis Scheck
    & Anne-Dore Krohn
    “Schecks Kanon”

    The 100 most important works of world literature from “War and Peace” to “The Adventures of Tintin.”
    in German

    Can a children's book belong to the canon of world literature? Absolutely, says literary critic Denis Scheck. And can the class clown of contemporary literature, Michel Houllebecq, be ennobled with his inclusion in a canon? Yes, of course. With his selection of the 100 most important works, Denis Scheck presents a contemporary canon that hoots at genre or language boundaries. From Ovid to Tolkien, from Simone de Beauvoir to Shakespeare, from W. G. Sebald to J.K. Rowling: charming, eloquent and clever, he explains what you need to have read - and why.
  • Photo: Benni Bock

    Ein Quizchen Spaß muss sein

    A quiz faeturing questions, sounds, rebus puzzles and, of course, everything you ought to know about Schloss Elmau. The game is played in mixed teams from young to old.

    Das Kneipenquiz mit Tom Zimmermann und Darren Grundorf ist ein Hit! Seit 2011 veranstalten und moderieren sie gemeinsam und mit riesigem Erfolg das internationale Aalhaus-Kneipenquiz in Hamburg. Sie haben das Live-Quiz auf eine neues Level gehoben und gehen nun damit auf Tour. Ein Quiz mit Sounds und Bilderrätseln aus Allgemein- und Nischenwissen und natürlich allem, was Sie immer schon über Schloss Elmau wissen sollten. Blamieren ausgeschlossen, denn gespielt wird im Team!
  • Photo: Adrien H. Tillmann

    Oded Tzur Quartet

    Oded Tzur, tenor saxophone
    Nitai Hershkovits, piano
    Petros Klampanis, bass
    Johnathan Blake, drums

    "If music has the potential to tell stories, saxophonist Oded Tzur proves himself one of the jazz world's premier storytellers" (Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz). Tel Aviv saxophonist Oded Tzur has enchanted the jazz world since his first album release in 2015. His penetrating playing is praised by the specialist press just as much as he is counted among the "great musical thinkers of our time" (Jazzecho).
  • Photo: Babelio, secession
    Author's reading & discussion

    Marie Darrieussecq
    “Hiersein ist herrlich”
    The live of Paula Modersohn-Becker

    Judith Heitkamp, moderation
    in French and German

    This biography, dedicated to Marie Darrieussecq Paula Modersohn-Becker, takes up all the elements that mark the artist's short life. She draws them in a light that is both feminine and literary. Full of liveliness and empathy, she shows this woman's struggle among the men and artists of her time, her friendships, especially those with Rainer Maria Rilke, and last but not least her unconditional desire for expressiveness and independence, which she insisted on.
  • Photo: Dario Acosta

    Yefim Bronfman piano

    Brahms: Sonata F minor, Beethoven & Debussy

    One of the great pianists of our time takes his seat at the Elmau Steinway: the pianist Bronfman, born in Tashkent and living in the USA, is one of the most sought-after pianists of our time and is a guest with all top orchestras and in the most important concert halls. At Schloss Elmau he will present Brahms' monumental piano sonata in F minor.
  • Photo: Markus Kirchgessner, Julia Stix

    Franui Musicbanda
    Alexander Kluge film maker
    “Lamenti – die Seelen bleiben niemals ruhig”

    A workshop with film and Bandamusik

    Important moments for music in people's lives are births and weddings and triumphs, but above all death. Mourning needs music. The lament, a form of music founded by Claudio Monteverdi, belongs to the oldest genres of music. Following on from the literary-musical evening with Hans Magnus Enzensberger at Schloss Elmau a year ago, Alexander Kluge and his film team with the Musicbanda have decided to open a workshop at this creative location and to try out and create something new with the means of film and music on the themes of lamento, band music and minute operas. On the last evening, the artists will present the best of their work in the concert hall at Schloss Elmau.
  • Photo: Irène Zandel
    Two decades of Pop

    Gustav Peter Wöhler vocals
    & Band

    “Love is the Drug”

    Gustav Peter Wöhler gehört seit Jahren zu den bekannten Gesichtern der deutschen Theater-, Kino- und Fernsehszene. Seit über 20 Jahren aber ist er auch mit seiner Band auf Tour und schlägt, nicht selten mit mitreißenden, eigenwilligen Arrangements, Brücken zwischen Stars und One-Hit- Wondern, Klassikern und persönlichen Entdeckungen.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau

    Dinner & Concert

    3 course menu in the retreat followed by concert in the Concert Hall
    Dinner and Concert

  • Photo: Irène Zandel

    William Youn piano

    Schubert Sonata C minor D 958 et al.

    Schubert's C Minor Sonata is the first of the three last great piano sonatas from the year of Schumann's death in 1828. For Schumann they were located "where the imagination is filled by the sad 'very last' of the idea of near divorce". The speciality of William Youn from Munich - who is gradually recording all of Schubert's piano sonatas for SONY at Schloss Elmau - is to bring such a programme full of deep emotion to the audience.
  • Photo: Lisa Mazzucco

    Pablo Sáinz Villegas guitar

    La Guitarra Española
    Albéniz: excerpts from the Suite Española & works by Granados et al.

    Praised as "the soul of the Spanish guitar", he has become a worldwide sensation and known as the great guitarist of his generation. Consequently, he presents a programme of the most famous Spanish guitar works in Schloss Elmau.
  • Photo: Eva Vermandel, George Garnier, Jean-Baptiste Millot

    Alina Ibragimova violin
    Doric String Quartet
    Cédric Tiberghien piano

    Chausson: Sonata for violin, piano & string quartet

    Audiences and critics around the globe are enthusiastic about the quartet, founded in 1998 and based in London. They have joined forces with the outstanding violinist Alina Ibragimova and the ideally-matched pianist Cédric Tiberghien for the original formation of Chausson's concerto.
  • Photo: Mats Bäcker _ BIS

    Trio Zimmermann
    Frank Peter Zimmermann violin
    Antoine Tamestit viola
    Christian Poltéra cello

    Mozart: Divertimento for string trio KV 563 & Bach

    Mozart's Divertimento KV 563 is one of the most famous pieces for string trio and Trio Zimmermann is one of the world's best ensembles in this trio formation – and so we can be sure: another unforgettable evening with the Trio Zimmermann at Schloss Elmau.
  • Photo: Alexandra Isard
    Modern Classical / Jazz

    SOLD OUT for external concert guests

    Chilly Gonzales piano

    Konzertkarten nur noch in Verbindung mit einer Zimmerbuchung:
    online, telefonisch +49 (0) 8823 18 170 oder an

    Finally! Grammy-winner, pianist, composer and entertainer Chilly Gonzales returns to the concert hall in Elmau, where he takes a seat at the grand piano for one of his legendary evenings.

    Concert tickets only available in conjunction with a room booking. Reservations: +49 (0) 8823 18 170 or
  • Photo: Sim Canetty-Clarke, Marco Borggreve

    Gerald Finley bass-baritone
    Julius Drake piano

    French and American songs by Fauré, Ives, Barber et al.

    The Canadian bass baritone and the British pianist Julius Drake are among the best that can currently be heard in lieder singing. On all international stages at home, in opera as well as in Lied, the two can now be heard with French and American songs.
  • Photo: Lukasz Giza
    Author's reading

    Olga Tokarczuk
    Nobel Prize for literature 2018, retrospectively presented 2019
    “Die Jakobsbücher”
    moderation: Olga Mannheimer
    in Polish and German

    The Polish author Olga Tokarczuk was honoured "for a narrative imagination that with encyclopedic passion represents the crossing of boundaries as a form of life."
  • Photo: Morgan Roudaut, Jean Baptiste Milot

    Frank Woeste piano
    Baptiste Trotignon piano

    Frank Woeste, living in Paris and firmly rooted in the French jazz world, likes to improvise on his compositions with pianist colleagues. Woeste comes to Schloss Elmau together with the award-winning Baptiste Trotignon, who has already taken a seat at our Steinway with jazz and as a Lied accompanist.
  • Photo: Julien Mignot

    Vilde Frang violin
    Lawrence Power viola
    Nicolas Altstaedt cello

    Beethoven: String Trios (I)

    Who could interpret Beethoven's String Trios, the composer's most demanding early works, more successfully than these three soloists with a heart beating violently for chamber music: the Norwegian violinist Vilde Frang, the British violist Lawrence Power and the Franco-German cellist Nicolas Altstaedt!
  • Photo: Julien Mignot

    Vilde Frang violin
    Lawrence Power viola
    Nicolas Altstaedt cello

    Beethoven: String Trios (II)

    Who could interpret Beethoven's String Trios, the composer's most demanding early works, more successfully than these three soloists with a heart beating violently for chamber music: the Norwegian violinist Vilde Frang, the British violist Lawrence Power and the Franco-German cellist Nicolas Altstaedt!
  • Photo: Hamza Djenat

    Yaron Herman piano

    There is something magical in the history of the Israeli pianist Yaron Herman. After an aspired career as a basketball player, which was ended by an injury, he started playing the piano at the age of 16. A meteoric rise to become one of the most respected pianists of his generation follows, leading his listeners into a realm of innovation and joy.
  • Photo: PR, Elly Martin, Peter-Andreas Hassiepen

    Michael Krüger
    Martin Michael
    Rüdiger Safranski

    A discussion about literature and life
    in German

  • Photo: Uwe Arens, Peter Hönnemann

    Avi Avital mandolin
    Omer Klein piano

    Bach & Jazz compositions and improvisation by Avi Avital and Omer Klein

    Avi Avital is a successful soloist in the classical world, Omer Klein is a jazz player and bandleader. They share their homeland Israel, they are musicians of the same generation and both are at home in the world with their music. Far away from any genre limitations, they are always exploring the possibilities of their instruments, radiating creativity and joy of playing between Bach and Jazz.
  • Photo: Felix Broede, Irène Zandel

    Veronika Eberle violin
    Nils Mönkemeyer viola

    Mozart: duos for violin and viola, Bach et al.

    The duo is the smallest genre of string chamber music. Mozart's works were often written not for the concert hall, but for the living room or the salon. Artistically and technically, however, they are highly demanding and require experienced musicians - and are therefore in the best of hands with the successful soloists Veronika Eberle and Nils Mönkemeyer.
  • Photo: Gavin Evans

    Khatia Buniatishvili piano

    The energetic concerts of Khatia Buniatishvili are legendary – now she lets her virtuoso fingers fly over the keys in Schloss Elmau again.
  • Photo: Rebecca Raid

    The King’s Singers
    “Finding Harmony”

    Bach, Byrd, Traditionals – music from the Reformation to the 20th century

    Die King's Singers sind die Könige des A-cappella-Gesangs und weltberühmter britischer Exportschlager in Sachen höchster musikalischer Qualität und bestem englischen Charme, der die Zuhörer im Sturm erobert.
  • Photo: PR, WDR/Melanie Grande
    Author's reading & discussion

    Jean-Luc Bannalec alias
    Jörg Bong
    presents his Breton crime series

    Moderation: Bettina Böttinger

    Jörg Bong presents his thriller series
    Moderation: Bettina Böttingerin German

    From the 1st volume “Bretonische Verhältnisse”
    to his 8th volume “Bretonisches Vermächtnis – Kommissar Dupin ermittelt”
  • String quartet weekend

    String quartet weekend

    String quartets have been experiencing a veritable boom for several years now. So it is high time to dedicate a weekend to this genre – with two of the world's best ensembles and Sabine Meyer, the “Queen of the Clarinet.”

  • Photo: Felix Broede
    String Quartet Weekend

    Artemis Quartett sting quartet

    Haydn: string quartet C major “sun quartet”,
    Beethoven: string quartet No 9 C major “Rasumowsky quartet”

    Besser besetzt kann man sich den Auftakt eines Quartett-Wochenendes nicht wünschen als mit dem Artemis Quartett, das sich vor Kurzem im Scheinwerferlicht einer erwartungsvollen Öffentlichkeit neu und hochkarätig formiert hat.
  • Photo: Steven Haberland, Marie Staggat
    String Quartet Weekend

    Sabine Meyer clarinet
    Bruno Schneider horn
    Dag Jensen bassoon
    Modigliani Quartett string quartet
    Yann Dubost double bass

    Schubert: Octet for winds, string quartet & double bass

    The Quatuor Modigliani has established itself worldwide as one of the most sought-after quartets of its generation and will be performing the second evening of the String Quartet Weekend in Schloss Elmau. For Schubert's Octet, the musicians have invited the great clarinettist Sabine Meyer and other world-class musicians.
  • Photo: PR
    Musical reading

    August Zirner voice & flute
    Kai Struwe bass
    “The Little Prince”
    by Antoine de Saint Exupéry
    A plea for friendship and humanity

    Long since a classic and millions can quote from it: The Little Prince lives together with his rose on the planet Asteroid B 612 and visits Earth. Here, in addition to the narrator who made an emergency landing in the desert with his plane, he gets to know the fox who explains the process of taming: "You become eternally responsible for what you've tamed." A world-famous book full of wisdom and with many common quotes, like "“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” Re-interpreted with specially composed music by August Zirner and Kai Struwe.
  • New Horizons

    New Horizons

    This weekend's musicians are well versed in all styles of music through to jazz and improv, and embody a new breed that explores old and new works effortlessly and at the highest level, enabling surprising perspectives on the music.

  • Photo: Connie Tsang, Shervin Lainez
    New Horizons

    Kinan Azmeh clarinet
    Brooklyn Rider string quartet

    Azmeh: works for clarinet and string quartet et al.

    Der hinreißend spielende syrische Klarinettist und Komponist Kinan Azmeh liebt die Vermischung der Stile von Klassik, Jazz und arabischer Musik seiner Heimat. An seiner Seite sind die Musiker des Streichquartetts Brooklyn Rider zu hören, die „mit einer Energie spielen wie junge Rockstars in einer Jam Session auf Gitarren!“ (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).
  • Photo: Roman Novitzky
    New Horizons

    The Improvising Symphony Orchestra
    #bfree – a European Symphony

    Connecting European Cultures through Beethoven's 9th Symphony

    Inspired by Beethoven's 9th Symphony, the "Europa-Sinfonie", the STEGREIF.orchestra combines folk songs from Europe with elements from Beethoven's 9th Symphony and lets Europe grow together into a colourful country that speaks from the heart of its people. With this new, theatrical concert project #bfree, the STEGREIF.orchester has once again taken up the cause of making new approaches to classical music possible for the audience.
  • Photo: 2105_Steven Haberlandt

    Anna Depenbusch vocals & piano

    Leidenschaft und Temperament, Kreativität und Poesie, Humor und Ironie: Diese Charaktereigenschaften zeichnenAnna Depenbusch aus – und das nicht nur auf, sondern auch hinter der Bühne. Die Hamburger Liedermacherin zeigte mit ihrem letzten Studioalbum „Das Alphabet der ANNA DEPENBUSCH in schwarz-weiß“, dass es nicht mehr als ein Klavier und ihrer Stimme bedarf, um für ein paar Stunden in eine Welt voller Fantasie einzutauchen. In dieser verschmelzen Geschichten, die das Leben schreibt, Anekdoten, Wahrheiten, Träume, Wünsche und Sehnsüchte in einer Symbiose miteinander. Egal ob sie flüstert oder pfeift, sie streichelt oder bebt, sie neckisch scherzt oder einfach nur ganz tief berührt: „Anna Depenbusch ist in ihrem Fach, dem modernen Chanson, das Maß aller Dinge“ (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung).
  • Photo: Sophia Kirchner, Rowohlt Verlag
    Author's reading

    Lesung Rothenberg

    Reading & live music

    David Rothenberg has made music with whales, insects, water and wind: But the perfect sound was provided by the Berlin nightingales, who live there in Competition with the city noise to outgrow itself. The American musicologist and musician Rothenberg, an icon of the experimental music scene worldwide, has written a symphony of the big city that sets a musical monument to the nightingale.
  • Photo: Ann Street Studio, Felix Broede

    Gautier Capuçon cello
    Gülru Ensari piano

    Beethoven: cello sonate No 4 C major, Schostakowitsch et al.

    Meistercellist Gautier Capucon reist gemeinsam mit seiner kongenialen Klavierpartnerin Gülru Ensari nach Schloss Elmau. Im Gepäck haben die Musiker einige der großen Werke für Violoncello und Klavier.
  • A weekend with Quatuor Ebène

    A weekend with Quatuor Ebène

    The Quatuor Ebène is one of the most exciting and sought-after string quartets in the world, and is now dedicating two concerts to the string quartets of Ludwig van Beethoven, whose 250th birthday is being celebrated this year.

  • Photo: Julien Mignot
    A weekend with Quatuor Ebène

    Quatuor Ebène string quartet

    Beethoven: string quartet E flat major Op 127 et al.

  • Photo: Julien Mignot, PR
    A weekend with Quatuor Ebène

    Quatuor Ebène string quartet
    Akiko Yamamoto piano

    Beethoven: string quartet C minor Op 18/4,
    Fauré: piano quintet No 1 D minor

  • Photo: Dominik Butzmann_laif, Christopher Thomas
    Autorenlesung und Gespräch

    Joachim Gauck Bundespräsident a.D.
    im Gespräch mit
    Monika Grütters Staatsministerin für Kultur und Medien
    über „Toleranz: Einfach schwer“

    "Selten habe ich eine so kluge, treffende und unaufgeregte Auseinandersetzung darüber gelesen, warum Menschen sich von Parteien und Institutionen abwenden und plötzlich nach rechts abdriften", sagt Giovanni di Lorenzo über Joachim Gaucks "Toleranz". Im Gespräch mit Staatsministerin Monika Grütters ergründet Gauck die drängenden gesellschaftlichen Fragen zur Toleranz und ihren Grenzen.

  • Photo: Barbara Klemm

    Krzyzowa-Music zu Gast in Schloss Elmau
    Das internationale Kammermusik-Festival aus Kreisau

    Workshop mit Alfred Brendel

    In einem öffentlichen Workshop arbeitet Meisterpianist Alfred Brendel mit Musikern des Krzyzowa-Music-Festivals an Schuberts Streichquartett G-Dur.
  • Photo: Timm Kölln

    Krzyzowa-Music zu Gast in Schloss Elmau
    Das internationale Kammermusik-Festival aus Kreisau

    Viviane Hagner Violine
    Stephen Waarts Violine
    Karolina Errera Viola
    Alexey Stadler Violoncello

    Schubert: Streichquartett Nr. 15 G-Dur D 887

  • Photo: Jean-Baptiste Maillot

    Alfred Brendel
    „Mein musikalisches Leben“

    Alfred Brendel ist unter den Pianisten eine lebende Legende. Seitdem er 2008 sein letztes Konzert gab, widmet er sich dem Unterreichten sowie dem Schreiben und Vorträgen. Nach seinem Workshop mit Musikern des Krzyzowa-Music-Festivals am Vortag, gibt er an diesem Abend spannende Einblicke in sein musikalisches Leben.
  • Photo: Jean Ber, PR

    Nguyên Lê guitar
    Prabhu Edouard tabla
    Mieko Miyazaki koto

    "So wie er spielt kein anderer Mensch Gitarre!" staunte die FAZ schon bei Nguyên Lês Deutschlanddebüt im Jahr 1993. In seinem neuen Projekt entsteht aus der Herkunft der Musiker - aus Vietnam, Indien und Japan - ein magisches Dreieck, in dem faszinierende Klanglandschaften entstehen. Eine funkelnde Begegnung von Identitäten.
  • Photo: Oscar Tursunov

    Grigory Sokolov presents:
    Alexandra Dovgan

    “...I predict her a great future...”
    Grigory Sokolov about Alexandra Dovgan

    „Wir erleben hier etwas ganz Besonderes. Es wäre nicht richtig, die 12-jährige Alexandra Dovgan als ,Wunderkind' zu bezeichnen, denn ihr Klavierspiel ist zwar ein Wunder, hat aber nichts Kindliches an sich. Ihre Interpretationen sind die einer Erwachsenen, einer voll ausgeformten Persönlichkeit. Es ist mir eine besondere Freude, in diesem Zusammenhang auf ihre bemerkenswerte Lehrerin Mira Marchenko zu verweisen. Doch gibt es Dinge, die man weder lernen noch lehren kann. Alexandra Dovgan verfügt über eine ungewöhnlich vielseitige und ausgewogene Begabung. Ihr Spiel ist wahrhaftig und konzentriert. Ich sage ihr eine große Zukunft voraus …“
    Grigory Sokolov
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau

    Grigory Sokolov piano

    Mozart: Sonata A major KV 331, Rondo A minor KV 511 et al.

    Grigory Sokolov kehrt zurück nach Schloss Elmau. Für sein diesjähriges Rezital hat der zurückhaltende Meisterpianist Werke von Mozart vorbereitet, darunter die Sonate A-Dur KV 331 und das Rondo a-Moll KV 511 - ein sicher bezwingender und eindrücklicher Konzertabend mit zahlreichen Zugaben.
  • Daniel Hope Woche

    Daniel Hope Woche
    Eine Woche von und mit Daniel Hope & Friends

    Daniel Hope ist weltweit gefeierter Geiger, Künstlerischer Leiter zweier Orchester, Autor, Filmmacher und vieles mehr. Für Schloss Elmau hat er eine Musikwoche kuratiert, in der er gemeinsam mit seinen musikalischen Freunden in zahlreichen Kammerkonzerten zu erleben ist.

  • Photo: Tibor Bozi, Tricia de Courcy Ling, Mischa Blank
    Daniel Hope Woche

    Daniel Hope violin
    & Friends

    Get-together with reception, followed by a concert

  • Photo: Nicolas Zonvi
    Daniel Hope Woche

    Daniel Hope violin
    & Friends

    Franck: Sonate für Violine und Klavier et al.

  • Photo: Harald Hoffmann_ DG
    Daniel Hope Woche

    AIR – baroque Journey

    Daniel Hope Violine & Moderation
    Simos Papanas Violine
    Nicola Mosca Violoncello
    Naoki Kitaya Cembalo
    Emanuele Forni Laute/Barockgitarre
    Michael Metzler Percussion

    Werke von Händel, Vivaldi, Westhoff et al.

  • Photo: Pia Clodi, PR
    Daniel Hope Woche

    Gregory Ahss, Tanja Sonc Violine
    Kio Seiler Violine, Viola
    Ribal Moaleb Viola
    Nicola Mosca, Josephine Knight Violoncello
    Alexey Botvinov Klavier

    chamber music

  • Photo: Harald Hoffmann_DG, PR
    Daniel Hope Woche

    Daniel Hope violin
    & young musicians

    Brahms: strind quintet F minor

  • Music of the Romantic Era

    Music of the Romantic Era

    For a whole week, concerts and readings illuminate the fascinating panorama of musical Romanticism: great musicians and exquisite ensembles bring the central themes of Romanticismto life.

    artists include:
    Ian Bostridge, Julius Drake, Marlis Petersen, Kuss Quartett, Christoph Poppen, Juliane Banse et al.

  • Photo: Susanna Mattes
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Erzählungen der Romantik
    Stefan Wilkening liest
    W. A. Poe: „Der schwarze Kater“ & H. C. Andersen: „Die Nachtigall“

    Einführung: Roland Borgards, Herausgeber der Romantik-Anthologie „Tiere“

  • Photo: PR
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Sergei Nakariakov Flügelhorn
    Daishin Kashimoto Violine
    Maria Meerovitch Klavier

    Brahms: Horntrio op. 40 et al.

  • Photo: PR, Rene Gaens, Alex Damians
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Rising Stars I
    Sarah Romberger mezzo soprano
    Friedrich Thiele cello
    Daumants Liepins pianor

    TICKETSonly via Richard-Strauss-Festival

  • Photo: PR, Caspar David Friedrich
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Jörg Bong ehem. Geschäftsführer der Fischerverlage & Publizist
    Roland Borgards Professor für Neuere Deutsche Literatur, Universität Frankfurt
    „Die Aktualität der Romantik“

  • Photo: Susie Knoll, Takao Komaru
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Juliane Banse soprano
    Christoph Poppen conductor et al.

    Brahms: Lieder für Sopran und Streichquartett (bearb. Aribert Reimann) et al.

  • Photo: Rüdiger Schestag, Jack Liebeck, Kevin Davis
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Kuss Quartett string quartet
    Lawrence Power viola
    Steven Isserlis cello

    Tschaikowsky: Streichsextett „Souvenir de Florence“

  • Photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Steven Isserlis cello
    Connie Shih piano

    Strauss: cello sonata F major, Op 6 et al.

  • Photo: Patrick Bienert, dpa, Caspar David Friedrich
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Florian Illies Verleger Rowohlt Verlag, Kunsthistoriker
    Kilian Heck Professor für Kunstgeschichte, Universität Greifswald
    „Das Meer in den Bergen“ - Sehnsüchte nach dem anderen Ort bei Caspar David Friedrich und Carl Blechen

  • Photo: Yiorgos Mavropoulos
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Marlis Petersen soprano
    NN piano
    “Night and Dreams”

    Lieder von Schubert, Brahms, Strauss, Wolf et al.

    TICKETS nur über das Richard-Strauss-Festival

  • Photo: Gisela Schenker, Gunar Streu
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Christiane Karg soprano
    Malcorlm Martineau piano

    Mahler: Songs from "Des Knaben Wunderhorn"

  • Photo: Frank Eidel, PR, Paolo Soriani
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Reto Bieri clarinet
    Anja Lechner cello
    Anna Gourari piano

    Brahms: Clarinet trio op. 144 & Beethoven

  • Photo: Sim Canetty-Clarke, Marco Borggreve
    Music of the Romantic Era

    Ian Bostridge tenor
    Julius Drake piano

    Schumann: Liederkreis Op 39 et al.

  • Photo: Peter Rigaud, Sammy Hart

    Arabella Steinbacher Violine
    Münchener Kammerorchester

    Piazzolla: "Die vier Jahreszeiten von Buenos Aires" et al.

  • Photo: Gregory Batardon
    Konzerte & Masterclass

    Masterclass Gautier Capuçon

    Public masterclasees & concerts
    Samuel Parent, piano
    in cooperation with the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

    For three days, cello star Gautier Capuçon will hold public masterclasses and concerts in Schloss Elmau, to which all guests are welcome to attend. With the support of the French Louis Vuitton Foundation, aspiring professional cellists are given the opportunity to make music and prepare for a concert with their well-established role model Capuçon, who regards both his numerous students and his international audience as the ultimate benchmark.
  • Photo: Stephan Doleschal
    Modern Classical/Jazz

    BartolomeyBittmann progressive strings vienna
    Publikumspreis BMW Welt Jazz Award 2018

    Matthias Bartolomey, cello
    Klemens Bittmann, violin & mandola

  • Photo: Tatyana Vlasova, Carsten Sander

    Gabriela Scherer Sopran
    Michael Volle Bariton
    Sarah Tysman Klavier

    Arien und Duette von Mozart, Lortzing, Puccini, Donizetti, Kálmán et al.

  • Photo: Decca_ Mathias Bothor
    Arias and Lied

    Joseph Calleja tenor
    Vincenzo Scalera piano

    Arien aus „Carmen“, „Werther“, „Tosca“ et al. und ausgewählte Lieder

  • Photo: Marie Staggat, PR

    Cuarteto SolTango Weltmusikensemble feat.
    Leonel Capitano Gesang

    Leonel Capitano, Gesang
    Thomas Reif, Violine
    Karel Bredenhorst, Violoncello
    Andreas Rokseth, Bandoneon
    Martin Klett, Klavier

  • Photo: Felix Broede, Marco Borggreve

    Leonard Elschenbroich Violoncello
    Anna Vinnitskaya Klavier

    Beethoven: Cellosonate Nr. 5 D-Dur op. 102/2 & Werke von Brahms

  • Photo: PR
    Arias and Lied

    Joseph Calleja tenor
    Vincenzo Scalera piano

    Céline Bonacina, sax
    Leonardo Montana, piano
    Chris Jennings, bass
    Asaf Sirkis, drums