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The Schloss Elmau Experience Since more than 100 years concerts & talks with great artists & authors on the pulse of time. Tickets for hotel guests are included in the room rate.

  • Photo: PR

    Federico Colli piano

    Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition, Mozart & Bach

    Since winning the prestigious Leeds Piano Competition in 2012, the rise of the young Italian pianist Federico Colli has been unstoppable. One year after his chamber music evening in Schloss Elmau, we can now enjoy his irrepressible pleasure for playing in a solo evening.
  • Photo: A.T. Birkenholz, Jean-Baptiste Millot

    Antoine Tamestit viola
    Cédric Tiberghien piano

    Brahms: sonatas for viola and piano

    Antoine Tamestit is one of the best violists in the world and a regular guest at Schloss Elmau. His longtime piano partner is the ideally-matched Cédric Tiberghien. The two musicians will perform sonatas by Johannes Brahms, who set this music for clarinet and piano as well as for viola and piano – melancholic tones of a late work.
  • Photo: PR, Hanser Verlag, PR
    book presentation

    Susanne Klingenstein translater and publisher
    & Wolfgang Matz lector of the Hanser Verlags

    the Yiddish classicr
    “Die Reisen Benjamins des Dritten”
    by Scholem J. Abramowitsch

  • Photo: John Erik Riley, Rowohlt, PR
    Author's reading & discussion

    Johan Harstad
    “Max, Mischa & Die Tet-Offensive”

    moderation: Bernhard Robben
    in Norwegian and German

  • Photo: Uwe Arens / Sony Classical

    ATTENTION: This concert is unfortunately cancelled due to illness.

    Olga Scheps piano

  • Photo: Caterina di Perri, ECM Records

    Yonathan Avishai piano
    Yoni Zelnik bass
    Donald Kontomanou drums

    After enchanting the audience in Spring with his solo concert, Yonathan Avishai now returns to Schloss Elmau with his trio programme “Joys and Solitudes”, highly acclaimed by the press.
  • Photo: Ronen Akerman

    Anat Fort piano
    Gary Wang bass
    Roland Schneider drums

    She began as a classical pianist and during her studies developed into a permanent fixture in New York's alternative jazz scene. Anat Fort has been playing there with Gary Wang and Roland Schneider for twenty years and in April this year they released the album "Colours" - the essence of many years of collaboration.
  • Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    A week completely dedicated to song: Christian Gerhaher, probably the most important Lied singer of our time, curates his first song week ever and has chosen Schloss Elmau for it. In song recitals and introductions, conversations and an open master class, he and his guests illuminate the fascinating cosmos of Lied.

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg / Sony Classical
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Welcome & Introduction
    Christian Gerhaher

    on Schubert's Mayrhofer Lieder

  • Photo: Benjamin Ealovega, Gunar Streu
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Robert Holl bass-baritone
    Gerold Huber piano

    Schubert: Lieder on poems by Mayrhofer

    Schubert cultivated a deep friendship with Johann Mayrhofer - in addition to Goethe, he owes most of his lyrics to him. Christian Gerhaher talks about this collaboration in the afternoon, and in the evening a selection of the 47 Mayrhofer songs can be heard, sung by Robert Holl and Gerold Huber at the piano.
  • Photo: PR
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Laurenz Lütteken &
    Holger Noltze

    on Lieder by Dvorák & Brahms

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg / Sony Classical, Albert Lindmeier
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Christian Gerhaher baritone
    Gerold Huber piano

    Dvorák: Biblische Lieder op. 99 & Brahms

    The close connection of Antonín Dvorák's works to those of his friend and patron Johannes Brahms is demonstrated by Christian Gerhaher himself on this day, who, together with his piano partner Gerold Huber, focuses on Dvorák's Biblical Songs. In the morning, musicologist Laurenz Lütteken and music journalist Holger Noltze will introduce his work. The close connection of Antonín Dvorák's works to those of his friend and patron Johannes Brahms is demonstrated by Christian Gerhaher himself on this day, who, together with his piano partner Gerold Huber, focuses on Dvorák's Biblical Songs. In the morning, musicologist Laurenz Lütteken and music journalist Holger Noltze will introduce his work. The close connection of Antonín Dvorák's works to those of his friend and patron Johannes Brahms is demonstrated by Christian Gerhaher himself on this day, who, together with his piano partner Gerold Huber, focuses on Dvorák's Biblical Songs. In the morning, musicologist Laurenz Lütteken and music journalist Holger Noltze will introduce his work.
  • Photo: Felix Broede
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Christian Gerhaher

    on Schubert: “Die schöne Müllerin”

  • Photo: Emanuel Altenburger, Marion Köll
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Martin Mitterrutzner tenor
    Christian Gerhaher recitation
    Gerold Huber piano

    Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin op. 25 D 795

    "Who owns the miller's wife?" asks Christian Gerhaher in his introductory lecture to the first narrative song cycle of Romanticism - the birth of a genre of its own that would later be at the centre of song composition. In the evening, Martin Mitterrutzner and Christian Gerhaher sing and recite all of Wilhelm Müller's lyrics, thus extending Schubert's song cycle to include lyrics not set to music by the composer.
  • Photo: Jan Voth
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Lecture & discussion
    Jürgen Kesting
    “Große Schumann-Interpreten”

    Followed by
    Jürgen Kesting in conversation with Christian Gerhaher

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg / Sony Classical, Stephan Boehme
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Sibylla Rubens soprano
    Wiebke Lehmkuhl alto
    Martin Mitterrutzner tenor
    Christian Gerhaher baritone
    Gerold Huber piano

    Schumann: Minnespiel Op 101, Spanish Love Songs Op 138 & other works for several voices and piano
    concert with interval

    Schumann's rarely performed works for several voices are at the centre of this day. After Jürgen Kesting, together with Christian Gerhaher, focus on the great Schumann interpreters and the discography, these works will be performed by four singers including Christian Gerhaher.
  • Photo: B. Ealovega, T. Egli, E. Altenburger
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Public Masterclass
    Robert Holl

    Christian Gerhaher & Martin Mitterrutzner

  • Photo: Camillo Escheverri
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Ruby Hughes soprano
    James Cheung piano

    Debussy: Les Chansons de Bilitis, Britten: Celtic folk songs, Purcell & Ives

    To attend a singing master class in the intimate setting of Schloss Elmau's acoustically outstanding concert hall - Christian Gerhaher makes this possible in a definitely unusual constellation on the penultimate day of the song week. Together with the young Austrian tenor Mitterrutzner Gerhaher works with Robert Holl in an open class on the song repertoire. The programme of Ruby Hughes is also extraordinary, with Lieder compositions from England and France between Baroque and Modern in the evening.
  • Photo: Isolde Ohlbaum, PR
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Jens Malte Fischer

    “Vom Jammer und von der Schönheit der Erde –
    über Gustav Mahler's
    ‘Das Lied von der Erde’‘”

  • Photo: Harald Hoffmann, Gregor Hohenberg / Sony Classical
    Lied Festival Christian Gerhaher

    Klaus Florian Vogt tenor
    Christian Gerhaher baritone
    Gerold Huber piano

    Mahler: “Das Lied von der Erde”

    "Farewell" is on the programme, and for the grand finale Christian Gerhaher has brought an absolute star tenor to his side in Klaus Florian Vogt: together with Gerold Huber at the piano they interpret Mahler's large-scale "Lied von der Erde" in the piano version by Mahler himself. The music theater scholar Jens Malte Fischer will give an introduction to the work in the morning.
  • Photo: Foto: Sandra Ludewig / Sony Classical

    Simone Kermes soprano
    Amici Veneziani baroque ensemble
    “Canzonetta d`amore”

    Arias by Purcell, Vivaldi et al.

    "Canzonetta d'amore" is the name of the soprano's new programme, which combines Renaissance and Baroque arias with 20th century songs - accompanied by a Baroque ensemble on original instruments.
  • Photo: Slawek Przerwa

    Sona Jobarteh vocals, kora
    & Band

    The Kora is a West African harp instrument with 21 strings, traditionally played by men. Sona Jobarteh has broken this old rule! She plays the kora standing up and demonstrates her complex musical skills on stage as the front woman of her own band. In her compositions she uniquely combines the influences of modern music with traditional African music and thus remains connected to the roots of her homeland.
  • Photo: Ekko von Schwichow, C.H.Beck, PR
    Author's reading & discussion

    Illko-Sascha Kowalczuk
    “Die Übernahme –
    Wie Ostdeutschland Teil der Bundesrepublik wurde”

    moderation: Marianne Birthler

  • Photo: Marek Vogel, Marco Borggreve

    Sebastian Manz clarinet
    Münchener Kammerorchester

    Mozart: clarinet concert, Barber: adagio for strings et al.

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung described the Munich Chamber Orchestra as a “small group of noble musicians” with a “ravishing mix of historical and modern music-making practice”. The ensemble's profile is characterised by sophisticated programmes that confront works from earlier centuries with contemporary music in an exciting way. The ensemble will perform in Schloss Elmau together with clarinettist Sebastian Manz, whose “beguilingly beautiful tone and technical sovereignty are unparalleled,” as Holger Arnold wrote in the Fono Forum.
  • Photo: Leonhard Hilzensauer_Paul Zsolnay Verlag

    Mircea Cartarescu

    in Romanian and German
    Moderation: Ernest Wichner, translator

    A young man reaps scorn and ridicule in his literary circle when he performs his text “Der Niedergang”. He does not become a celebrated writer as hoped, but a teacher in the suburbs of Bucharest. But when this nameless narrator buys a house in the shape of a ship, he falls under the spell of Solenoid, a kind of giant magnetic coil that is located below the cellar. Its gravitational force, however, does not pull downwards, but consistently lifts up everything that comes into its environment – people, things, even reality itself. Ingenious, crazy, great: with his monumental novel, Mircea Cartarescu has once again created world literature.
  • Photo: PR

    Jazzrausch Bigband
    “Dancing Wittgenstein”

    Bigband jazz made in Bavaria. The Jazzrausch-Bigband is committed to inspiring their audience with creative music making. Their success has been unbroken and the young techno brass band has carried them far beyond the borders of the state to the big German classical music festivals in Rheingau and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as well as to the Lincoln Center in New York and to Africa & China.
  • Photo: Marco Borggreve

    Artur and Lucas Jussen piano

    Schubert: Allegro A minor “Lebensstürme” et al.

    “It's like driving two BMWs at the same time,” enthused the conductor Michael Schønwandt after a concert with Lucas and Arthur Jussen. Since their earliest childhood, the two Dutch brothers have sat together at the piano, performed before their Queen Beatrix, won prizes at competitions and received lessons from Maria João Pires and Menahem Pressler. The two acclaimed Wunderkinder have long since developed into an internationally sought-after piano duo that has conquered concert halls all over the world and brought a breath of fresh air to the classical music scene.
  • Photo: Tim Klöcker

    Fauré Quartett piano quartet

    Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

    The four award-winning musicians of the Fauré Quartet have been a team for over 25 years and can undoubtedly be described as the most influential piano quartet in the world. They are eager to experiment and known for breaking new ground, but they are not afraid to leave the beaten track. Voilà – now you can let the “Pictures of an Exhibition” have a completely new effect on you: The quartet has rearranged the piece for piano quartet and presents the work in a new guise – in the epicenter between solo piano and large orchestra, the Fauré Quartet unites the best of both worlds.
  • Photo: Angie Kremer, PR

    Gidon Kremer violin
    Martha Argerich piano

    Schubert: violin sonata A major, Prokofjew & Weinberg

    Ein Duo-Abend der Extraklasse: Gidon Kremer und Martha Argerich gehören zu den größten Musikern unserer Zeit. Neben ihrem einzigartigen Spiel sind sie für ihre Zusammenstellung von klassischen wie auch unkonventionellen Programmen bekannt. In Schloss Elmau reisen die beiden Künstler durch die Epochen - auf Schuberts Violinsonate folgt Prokofjew, abgerundet wird das Programm durch Werke von Mieczys?aw Weinberg, dessen 100. Geburtstag wir in diesem Jahr feiern und an dessen zunehmender Popularität Gidon Kremer maßgeblich beteiligt war.
  • Photo: Julia Wesely
    Classical / Modern Classical

    Igudesman & Joo
    Aleksey Igudesman violin, vocals
    Hyung-ki Joo piano, vocals
    “Die Rettung der Welt”

    The world is sinking ... not in colourful chaos, no, in grey rooms, grey boredom and grey monotony. But rescue is approaching: Igudesman & Joo show us how they managed to give their lives the necessary portion of chaos and humour and thus keep them fresh and colourful. “Their mix of classical music and comedy, combined with references to pop culture and a completely new interpretation of the word slapstick, is fuelled by genuine, stunning virtuosity.” (The New York Times) Follow them on their way and let yourself be infected by the creativity of Igudesman & Joo, but also by Mozart, Bach and other colleagues.
  • Photo: Thomas Rabsch, Irène Zandel

    Sabine Meyer clarinet
    Nils Mönkemeyer viola
    William Youn piano

    Schumann, Bruch et al.

    As “Queen of the Clarinet” is Sabine Meyer known – after all, she has been one of the greatest clarinettists for years. Together with Nils Mönkemeyer and William Youn, she has formed a top-class trio with whom she can be heard at all major festivals and in the most important chamber music series. Nils Mönkemeyer, as one of the most successful viola players in the world, has earned his instrument an enormous amount of attention. Pianist William Youn was awarded the Gramophone Magazine's Editor's Choice Award for his complete recording of the Mozart sonatas on the OehmsClassics Label.
  • Photo: Ray Tarantino
    Modern Classical

    Ludovico Einaudi piano

    Works from Ludovico Einaudi's album
    “Seven Days Walking”

    His unique piano playing fills entire stadiums, yet Ludovico Einaudi still loves the chamber music form: the great melodic Ludovico Einaudi returns to Schloss Elmau for an intimate trio with two of his ancestral Sidemen.
  • Photo: Schloss Elmau
    Book Fair Days

    Book Fair Days

    Presentation of the autumn releases with critics Ijoma Mangold, Denis Scheck & Insa Wilke.

    Directly following the Frankfurt Book Fair, three distinguished literary critics travel to Schloss Elmau to present the most important literary releases of the autumn and to discuss their significance and quality. This time they appear as a trio with two intensive days of discussions.

  • Photo: Marco Borggreve

    Kirill Troussov violin
    Alexandra Troussova piano

    Brahms: violin sonata No 3 C minor, Tschaikowsky et al.

    They have been playing together since they can walk and longer than they can remember: Kirill Troussov and his sister Alexandra Troussova. They are now one of the very few world-class sibling duos. Their devotion to the search for perfection and their high level of emotion not only connects the two of them, but also intensively transmits itself to their audience.
  • Photo: ACT, Sylvaim Gripoix

    Émile Parisien Quartet

    Émile Parisien, soprano & tenor saxophone
    Julien Touéry, piano
    Ivan Gélugne, bass
    Julien Loutelier, drums

    Vital, curious and progressive, the French scene has set important milestones for the development of contemporary European jazz and yet has never lost its grounding. Progress on the feet of his own tradition also characterizes the saxophonist Emile Parisien: a jazz visionary who stands with one leg in the past and looks far ahead. This makes him the “best news for European jazz for a long time” (Le Monde), to which “undivided attention” (NDR) should be paid.
  • Photo: Tibor Bozi, Mathias Bothor

    Daniel Hope violin
    Sebastian Koch recitation

    musical reading with texts by Dostojewski, Brecht, Nietzsche & Eco and works by Bach, Ravel & Schumann

    Daniel Hope, one of the most sought-after violinists of our time, and Sebastian Koch, German cinema star, who has also played alongside Tom Hanks, meet and embark on a quest for paradise. Daniel Hope plays works for violin solo by Bach, Ravel and Schumann, while Sebastian Koch reads texts by Dostojewski, Brecht, Jelinek, Nietzsche and Eco.
  • Photo: Nikolaj Lund

    Ana de la Vega flute
    Daniel Röhn violin, viola
    Paul Rivinius piano

    Bach: trio from the “Musikalischen Opfer”,
    Debussy: Prélude à l’àpres-midi d’un faune,
    Mozart et al.

    Ana de la Vega almost hung up her flute: she was actually on the way to pursue a completely new career path as an artist manager. But her freshly recorded recording of Mozart's flute concertos became such an international success that she finally returned to music – and today is regarded as one of the most extraordinary flutists. Together with Daniel Röhn, “one of the most remarkable violinists of our time” (Harald Eggebrecht, SZ) and the renowned pianist Paul Rivinius, she can now be heard for the first time at Schloss Elmau.
  • Photo: Bothor, secession Verlag, Christian Rudnik
    Author's reading & discussion

    Jérôme Ferrari
    “Nach seinem Bilde”

    in German and Frensh
    Moderation: Olga Mannheimer

  • Photo: Sonja Mueller
    Oxford Chamber Music Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Priya Mitchell violin
    Hugo Ticciati violin
    Fredrik Paulsson violin
    Gareth Lubbe viola
    Julian Arp cello
    Claude Frochaux cello
    Natacha Kudritskaja piano

    Beethoven: “Moonlight Sonata”
    Schönberg: Verklärte Nacht

  • Photo: Sonja Mueller, PR
    Oxford Chamber Music Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Priya Mitchell violin
    Hugo Ticciati violin
    Natacha Kudritskaja piano
    Dirk Mommertz piano

    Schumann: violin sonata No 2, Debussy & Pärt

  • Photo: PR

    Podium Esslingen @ Schloss Elmau
    Kaan Bulak augmented piano
    musicians from the #bebeethoven fellowship programme

    Bulak: works for strings and electronics,
    electroacoustic chamber music

  • 21st European Jazztival

    21st European Jazztival

    Since 1998 Schloss Elmau has played host to over 2000 jazz concerts from the hottest international artists, establishing it as a key venue on the jazz circuit. Jazz greats like Michael Wollny, Thomas Quasthoff and Nils Landgren and other top acts have been announced for this year's festival.

    artists include: Brad Mehldau, Michael Wollny, Thomas Quasthoff, Nils Landgren, Iiro Rantala, Wolfgang Haffner, Shalosh, Daniel Garcia Diego, Florian Weber et al.

  • Photo: Gregor Hohenberg
    21st European Jazztival

    Happy 60th birthday Thomas Quasthoff!

    Thomas Quasthoff vocals
    Pe Werner vocals
    Frank Chastenier piano
    Bruno Müller guitar
    Nils Landgren trombone
    Dieter Ilg bass
    Wolfgang Haffner drums

    Zum Auftakt des 21. European Jazztival feiert Thomas Quasthoff seinen 60. Geburrtstag: der Bassbariton hat sich nach einer großen klassischen Opern- und Liedkarriere nocheinmal neu erfunden und ist nun weit über die Klassik-Grenzen als Jazzsänger und Rezitator bekannt. „Meine Wiedererkennbarkeit liegt ja auch bei rund 100 Prozent“, sagt er über sich selbst. Seine Geburtstagsfeier mit langjährigen musikalischen Freunden ist prominent besetzt und verspricht einen großartigen Start des diesjährigen Jazz-Festivals.
  • Photo: Foto: Antje Wiech _ ACT, PR
    21st European Jazztival

    Wolfgang Haffner Trio feat. Alma Naidu
    “Haffner plays Haffner”

    Alma Naidu, vocals | Simon Oslender, hammond orgel | Christopher Dell, vibraphone | Wolfgang Haffner, drums

  • Photo: PR
    21st European Jazztival

    “Onwards and Upwards”

    Gadi Stern, piano, keys | David Michaeli, bass | Matan Assayag, drums

  • Photo: Joerg Steinmetz _ ACT
    21st European Jazztival

    Michael Wollny Trio

    Michael Wollny, piano | Christian Weber, bass | Eric Schäfer, drums

  • Photo: PR
    21st European Jazztival

    Daniel García Trio

    Daniel García, piano, keys | Reinier Elizarde “El Negrón”, bass | Michael Olivera, drums

  • Photo: PR
    21st European Jazztival

    Florian Weber Quartet

    Ralph Alessi, trumpet | Florian Weber, piano | Michèl Benita, bass | Ziv Ravitz, drums

    Für die Website Something Else! ist der Deutsche Florian Weber "ein wahrhaft wegweisender Pianist", die New York Times streicht dessen "Ästhetik des aerodynamischen Fließens" heraus, All About Jazz bescheinigt dem nach Neuerungen hungernden Deutschen einen "allesverzehrenden Musikappetit", und die Süddeutsche Zeitung erblickt in ihm einen Ausnahmepianisten "mit frischem, unverbrauchtem Ton", der "Interessantes und Mitreißendes zu erzählen" hat. Das Lob der Kritiker ist Ausdruck einer Erfolgskarriere, in deren Verlauf sich Weber als feste Größe in der globalen Szene etablierte.
  • Photo: imago/Horst Rudel
    Literature Week

    Friedrich Hölderlin
    A hymnical overture to commemorate the 250th anniversary of his birthday in March 2020

    “What is all that men have done and thought over thousands of years compared with a moment of love?“
    Rüdiger Safranski presents his new biography of Friedrich Hölderlin “Hölderlin – Komm! Ins Offene, Freund!” (publication date autumn 2019)
    Jens Harzer reads from “Hyperion” by Friedrich Hölderlin
    Daniela Danz reads poetry by Friedrich Hölderlin
    et al.

    Further events to be announced soon.
  • Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    11th Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Martin T:son Engstroem, founder and director of the famous Verbier Festival in the Swiss Alps, presents outstanding young artists on the cusp of their professional careers in fifteen solo, chamber and orchestral concerts.

  • Photo: Mikhail Krutman
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Lukas Geniusas piano

    Schubert: Vier Impromptus, Prokofjew et al.

  • Photo: David Ausserhofer, Julien Mignot_neu
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Pablo Ferrández cello
    Julien Quentin piano

    Prokofjew: cello sonata, Tschaikowsky et al.

  • Photo: Nikolaj Lund, Nicolas Brodard
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra
    Marc Bouchkov violin
    Gábor Takács-Nagy conductor

    Mendelssohn Bartholdy: violin concerto E minor, Mozart & Haydn

  • Photo: PR, Dan Carabas
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Maria Dueñas violin
    Itamar Golan piano

    Mendelssohn: violin sonata F major et al.

  • Photo: PR, Mikhail Krutman
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Benny Tseng violin
    Lukas Genuisas piano

    Franck: violin sonata, Ysaÿe et al.

  • Photo: Igor Studio, Klaus Rudolph
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra
    Pablo Ferrández cello
    Gábor Takács-Nagy conductor

    Haydn: cello concerto No 1 C major & Mozart

  • Photo: PR, Igor Studio, Simon Fowler
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Benny Tseng violin
    Pablo Ferrández cello
    George Li piano

    Schostakowitsch: piano trio No 2 E minor
    Mendelssohn Bartholdy: piano trio No 1 D minor

  • Photo: Simon Fowler, Jean-Baptiste Milot
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Marc Bouchkov violin
    Maria Dueñas violin
    Máté Szücs viola
    Anastasia Kobekina cello
    Lukas Geniušas piano
    George Li piano

    Rachmaninow: Suite No 1 for two pianos
    Schostakowitsch: piano quintet G minor

  • Photo: Lars Borges_Sony Classical
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Benjamin Appl baritone
    Itamar Golan piano
    et al.

    Barber: “Dover Beach”, Poulenc: Rapsodie nègre & Schubert

  • Photo: Gregory Favre_Decca, Ulrike Myrzik
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra
    Nelson Freire piano
    Gábor Takács-Nagy conductor

    Chopin: piano concerto No 2 F minor
    Mozart: “Jupiter-Symphony”

  • Photo: PR, Julien Mignot
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    Máté Szücs viola
    Julien Quentin piano

    Schubert: „Arpeggione“, Schostakowitsch: Cellosonate

  • Photo: Lars Borges, Thomas Straub
    Verbier Festival @ Schloss Elmau

    The Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra
    Benjamin Appl baritone
    Gábor Takács-Nagy conductor

    Mozart: arias from “The Magic Flute” &
    “Don Giovanni”
    Beethoven: “Eroica”

  • Photo: Nikolas Müller

    Julian Wasserfuhr trumpet
    Jörg Brinkmann cello
    Roman Wasserfuhr piano
    “Relaxin' in Ireland”

    Schon als Teenager galt Julian Wasserfuhr als größtes deutsches Ausnahmetalent an der Trompete seit Till Brönner. Zusammen mit seinem Bruder Roman am Klavier bildet er ein unzertrennliches Paar. Ihre (Seelen-)Verwandtschaft und Vertrautheit kommt dem gemeinsamen Spiel zugute. Ob mit Trompete oder Flügelhorn, Julian schafft mit seinem warmen Ton atmosphärische Klangräume. Sein Bruder Roman ist mit seinem akzentuiert-strahlenden Klavierspiel an dem frischen, aber dennoch ausgereiften und luftigen Sound der Band nicht minder beteiligt. Die ZEIT fand die Musik der Brüder „verblüffend ungewöhnlich“, die Süddeutsche Zeitung bescheinigte Julian Wasserfuhr einen „magischen Ton“.
  • Photo: Jim Rakete, Irène Zandel
    Literatur & Klassik

    Axel Milberg reading
    Klenke Quartett string quartet
    “Alles geschenkt?”

    A remarkable Christmas program – texts by Kleist, Keyserling, Hacke, Waggerl and O'Henry read by Axel Milberg in combination with works for string quartet by Beethoven and Mendelssohn performed by the Klenke Quartet.

  • Photo: PR, Irène Zandel, Benjamin Kirsch

    Nina Reddig violin
    Nils Mönkemeyer viola
    Julian Arp cello

    Bach: Goldberg variations BWV 988 for string trio

  • Photo: Hayrapet Arakelyan
    Modern Classical

    Alexej Gerassimez percussion
    SIGNUM saxophon quartet saxophone quartet
    “Starry Night”

    Genesis of Percussion

    Works by Alexej Gerassimez, Minoru Miki, John Psathas et al.

    Alexej Gerassimez and his percussionist colleagues unfold a virtuoso percussion firework on this evening: their panorama ranges from groovy rhythms and electronics to experiments with materials such as water and metal and the sound of everyday objects such as cooking pots and newspaper. Small and large drums, Asian and Latin American instruments, vibraphone, marimba and xylophone are all brought into play.
  • Photo: PR

    Shenja Lacher
    “Weihnachten in meiner Kindheit”
    by Dylan Thomas

    framed by Christmas poems

  • Photo: PR, C.H.Beck
    Book presentation

    Ilija Trojanow
    “Mein Leben oder die Geschichte meiner Experimente mit der Wahrheit”
    by Mahatma Gandhi

    published by Ilija Trojanow

    Gandhis Autobiographie – neu herausgegeben von Ilija Trojanow. Eines der bedeutendsten politischen und spirituellen Manifeste des 20. Jahrhunderts
  • Photo: PR, Marco Borggreve, Francois Sechet

    Daniel Sepec violin
    Tabea Zimmermann viola
    Jean-Guihen Queyras cello

    Beethoven: string trios Op 9 No 1 & 2

  • Photo: 2412_Sascha Kletzsch

    Echoes of Swing

    Colin T. Dawson, trumpet, vocals
    Chris Hopkins, alto saxophone
    Bernd Lhotzky, piano
    Oliver Mewes, drums

    exklusively for hotel guests

  • Photo: Sascha Kletzsch

    New Year's Swing
    in the tea room
    Echoes of Swing

    Colin T. Dawson, trumpet, vocals
    Chris Hopkins, alto saxophone
    Bernd Lhotzky, piano
    Oliver Mewes, drums

    exklusively for hotel guests

  • Photo: Marco Borggreve

    Julian Pregardien tenor
    Kristian Bezuidenhout piano

    Schubert: “Die schöne Müllerin”

  • Photo: AFP, Frank Peter

    Joseph E. Stiglitz

    The Nobel Laureate for Economics talks about the need for a new order in the global economy

    Udo Philipp, moderation, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance of the State of Schleswig-Holstein

    Lecture in English

  • Chamber Music Week

    66th Chamber Music Week

    The 66th Chamber Music Week is dedicated to the cello. Star cellists, outstanding young cellists and excellent chamber music ensembles will illuminate the entire panorama of their instrument in numerous concerts and discussions.

    artists include: Gautier Capuçon & Yuja Wang, Mischa Maisky, Daniel Müller-Schott, Kian Soltani, Tanja Tetzlaff, students from Kronberg Academy, Aris Quartett, SIGNUM saxophone quartet et al.

  • Photo: Felix Broede, Kirk Edwards
    Chamber Music Week

    Gautier Capuçon cello
    Yuja Wang piano

    Chopin: cello sonata, Franck: cello sonata

  • Photo: Giorgia Bertazzi, Andrej Grilc
    Chamber Music Week

    Tanja Tetzlaff cello
    & Signum Saxophone Quartet

    Piazzolla, Popper & Bach

  • Photo: PR , Frank Grimm
    Chamber Music Week

    Harald Eggebrecht presentation

    “Wie aus einem Ochsen eine Nachtigall wird” –
    Kurze Reise durch die Welt des Violoncellos

    presentation with sound examples
  • Photo: PR, Gina Gorny
    Chamber Music Week

    Daishin Kashimoto violin
    Alena Baeva violin
    Gareth Lubbe viola
    Claudio Bohórquez cello
    Erica Piccotti cello
    Yeoleum Sun piano

    Arensky: string quartet No 2 A minor,
    Brahms: piano quintet

  • Photo: Uwe Arens, wildundleise
    Chamber Music Week

    Daniel Müller-Schott cello
    Robert Neumann piano

    Brahms: cello sonata No 2 F major,
    Beethoven & Schumann

  • Photo: Uwe Arens, Simona Bednarek
    Chamber Music Week

    Daniel Müller-Schott cello
    Aris Quartett string quartet

    Schubert: string quintet

  • Photo: Simona Bednarek
    Chamber Music Week

    Aris Quartett string quartet

    Haydn: string quartet D major Hob. III: 34
    Schumann: string quartet No 1 A minor

  • Photo: SZ, Sammy Hart
    Chamber Music Week

    Harald Eggebrecht presentation

    “Im Zeichen Don Quixotes” –
    Die Vielfalt des Violoncellos und seiner überragenden Spieler

  • Photo: Maro Borggreve, Felix Broede
    Chamber Music Week

    Maximilian Hornung cello
    Herbert Schuch piano

    Dvorak: Sonatine, Mahler et al.

  • Photo: Kronberg Academy
    Chamber Music Week

    Frans Helmerson cello
    Aurélien Pascal cello
    Bruno Philippe cello
    et al.
    Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula piano

    cello duos and trios by Villa-Lobos, Popper et al.

    Kronberg Academy @ Schloss Elmau

  • Photo: PR
    Chamber Music Week

    Veriko Tchumburidze, Louis Vandory, Sofiko Tchumburidze, Valerie Steenken violin
    Lilya Tymchyshyn, Cristina Cordero viola
    Benedikt Sinko, Jakob Stepp cello

    Enescu: string octet,
    Strauss: Capriccio for string sextet

    in cooperation with Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

  • Photo: Juventino Matteo
    Chamber Music Week

    Long night of the cello

    Kian Soltani
    Brannon Cho
    Julia Hagen
    Maciej Kulakowski
    Aurélien Pascal
    Bruno Philippe
    Erica Piccotti
    Alexander Warenberg
    Special Guests: Mischa Maisky, Frans Helmerson et al.

    Kronberg Academy @ Schloss Elmau

  • Photo: Ulrike Myrzik, Kronberg Academy
    Chamber Music Week

    Stephen Waarts violin
    Maciej Kulakowski cello
    Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula piano

    Tschaikowsky: piano trio et al.

    Kronberg Academy @ Schloss Elmau

  • Photo: Simon Fowler, Dennis Yulov

    Renaud Capuçon violin
    Festival Strings Lucerne
    chamber orchestra

    Vivaldi: Four Seasons

  • Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström, Marco Borggreve

    Liza Ferschtman violin
    Jakob Koranyi cello
    Elisabeth Leonskaja piano

    Schubert: Klavietrios Nr. 1 B-Dur und Nr. 2 Es-Dur